Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go. ~ E. L. Doctorow

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

K is for Kaleidoscope


During this challenge, you and I will probably read through a thousand+ blogs. So many people, so many writers, it’s inevitable to find more than one person writing about the same topic.

Our world is a kaleidoscope. The ideas, situations and events we experience make the loose bits of colored material in the telescope-like toy. When you twist the tube an endless variety of patterns emerges, very much the way each of us approaches our writing. 

Each writer brings their interests, dislikes and influences to each topic.  Reading through all the posts can get overwhelming, but meeting so many different people makes it all worth it. 

On the other hand, sometimes my fear of idea stealing keeps me from sharing my writing. Then I stop and think. They can’t steal my life experiences that influence my story.  A great quote from Stephen King in On Writing really put it in perspective for me. “But once your basic story is on paper, you need to think about what it means and enrich your following drafts with your conclusions. To do less is to rob your work (and eventually your readers) of the vision that makes each tale you write uniquely your own.”

Steal. Steal. Steal.

Advice I received while I taught English and when I started writing, guiding me through this journey. Everyone kept saying, “Learn from those before you and once you get a handle on it, then you can add our own twist,” creating an entirely different story and reading experience.

Keep writing and sharing your experiences!

What writing advice do you keep in the back of your mind?


Bob Scotney said...

I recently had a whole article lifted from my blog and reproduced on a facebook page. What annoyed me was not that he lifted it word for word but that he did not have the courtesy to acknowledge the source or ask me first. It's a question of whether you think its a tribute that someone rates it enough to pinch it.

Josh Hoyt said...

This is a great idea. It is so true that we all have unique interests and ideas and even though the story looks the same on the surface the under lyings are radically different.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

We all have different takes on life, so no two stories can ever be the same.
And no one else posted today about Kaleidoscope that I've seen! Hope you're enjoying the Challenge.

Niki said...

Great advice. :)

Amie Kaufman said...

Really great advice. It's always true that nobody can write your story except you.

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