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So, I have been over thinking my passion for writing. I have become very discouraged. Kevin was able to put it in perspective for me. He asked me if I wanted to write for myself or for recognition. I knew the answer, but was unable to be honest with him and myself. It was the latter. He told me that when he hoped for recognition for his artwork he stopped drawing. He told me that I have to do it for myself. That I shouldn't show it to anyone either. This way it remains special and I want to continue doing it. I completely agree with him.
I have also noticed the only writing I have been doing is this online blog/journal. I haven't actually experimented with anything creative, like poems, creative nonfiction, short fiction. I think it is about time I start trying out my Writer's Digest daily prompts. Just to force some more creation from myself. Yikes! I'm a bit anxious!

Voice Recognition

I have been reading over bits of writing I have done on different websites. Its stiff and unfamiliar. I know I wrote it, but it's not organic. I'm trying too hard to be provocative and interesting. My writing just falls flat. I think I just need to write naturally, even if its unrefined and unpolished. The more I practice my writing will evolve. I will be more present in my writing than I am right now. What a disappointment. Perfectionism is a disease! I want to inspire people with my words and ideas and descriptions. I want people to remember me. I don't want to get lost in the enormity of life. I want to remember all the silly, happy, exciting, sad, infuriating moments in my life. I want to express myself. I love reading, escaping in created worlds. My love of reading made me want to create my own worlds. A way to expel the demons and pain and give my happiness a place to be revisited.
I have taken another step in the positive direction to the creation of coherent words. As a member of Shelfari (online book community), I am encouraged to join different groups. They range from Twilight Saga groups to world literature to romance to writing. I joined a few, including a few writing groups. This should give me another chance to make my writing public and receive feedback/suggestions.
I was revisiting my New Year's resolution (to write everyday) with my boyfriend, Kevin, the other day. Everyday writing, technically yes. Emails, comments, lesson planning. Sure I write everyday. I would like to be on my blog creatively more often. I have been picking up my new Mac notebook more often. It makes writing a bit more accessible to me.
My goal is to continue my journal, but also include creative pieces. Next step, one creative piece.