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Arana y Cambio

Omen: n. an occurrence or phenomenon believed to portend a future event.
A few years ago I was at Rutgers University taking my two hour English Praxis test. During the test, a spider climbed down it's silk-like thread and tried to land on me. An aside: I am horrifically frightened by spiders. Instead of freaking out and calling for someone to dispose of its hairy eight legs, I took my test booklet and pushed it away from me. Afterwards, I found out that I was one of the VERY few that passed the test. Perhaps, the spider was a good omen.
Well, a week ago (Memorial Day Weekend), I walked into my room, hit the light switch and ran into something. I of course screamed and started to frantically brush off whatever was on my arm. I looked down and there was a spider running for his life. A couple of days later I had my performance evaluation at work and was told that I was not being recommended to return to the school. An unexpected shock. Spider a bad omen?
I was left with m…