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Who Cares About An Oxford Comma?

Alias: Series Comma. 
I didn't care for the longest time. I'm sure it was during some class in college when I found out I didn't have to use this extra comma. And because the Grammar Police highly suggested its use, I threw it out of my writing tool box. Just to give a big F U to the establishment. 
That was until the establishment hired me to write website copy for small businesses. Then, as per the house style, I was expected to include this uptight comma. It took a while for me to get used to including it in my copy, but after writing 3-4 websites a day, 5-days-a-week, it became second nature.
Now, I find myself using it in my own writing without even thinking. The rebellious spark within me still glows hot, but is it really such a big deal? It's interesting to see what happens when you make a habit of something. After doing it every day, it becomes second nature. There are plenty of other writing rules out there I can snub my nose at, so I concede victory to the stodg…

2012 Writers' Conference @ Hunter College

On June 9th, I traveled NJ Transit and the NYC Metro to reach Hunter College on 68th and Lexington for the Writers’ Conference 2012. Sponsored by The Writing Center at Continuing Education at Hunter College, the brochure laid out a variety of writing-related panels to choose from and promised a chance to hear famous authors like Harlan Coben and Mary Higgins Clark speak about writing and the publishing business. It didn’t disappoint.
This conference ended up more of an informational smorgasbord than networking event for me. Granted, just attending the conference gave me the foot in the door I needed if I submit to the specific magazines or literary agents that attended.
The suspense panel was my favorite. The friendship between the authors on the panel made it very entertaining. Plus, the information was coming from successful writers that demonstrated what a good story, craft, and perseverance could achieve.
Below I’ve put together highlights, interesting snippets, and valuable inform…