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An apprehensive start

My passion for writing and reading guided me to a BA in English from Penn State. Grandiose dreams of becoming an editor were stomped on by a lack of self confidence and a less than mediocre grasp of writing mechanics. I fell back on education. Although challenging and rewarding, something is missing. Perhaps it is the uninterested students, or I just prefer more distance between me and children. The increasing stress level and dangerously low level of patience has me looking back to my original plans of writing and becoming an editor.

Aimlessly wandering the periodical section of Barnes and Noble my thoughts started to come together. Change is inevitable. My destiny in my hands alone. I traded in my gossip mags for magazines focused on writing. With their help and the advice of my boyfriend, Kevin, I have decided to write daily. Little bits. Opinions, sketches, rants. Small steps.

As a private person, I have found blogs, Facebook, and Twitter expose more of me than I am willing, but a g…