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Need Help Selling That Book?

As part of my new position as Online Courses Coordinator with Pennwriters, Inc., I wanted to post information about the newest course.

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Promotional Basics: Getting The Word Out, When Your Words Come Out Online Course
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Pennwriters Inc. brings you...

INSTRUCTOR: Babs Mountjoy
DATE: August 1 – September 2, 2011



NCF Tuesday: NYC Poetry Festival; Writing Contests; Hilarious Book Titles

NYC Poetry Festival 
Over 130 poets from all corners of the U.S. will gather on Governors Island this weekend for New York’s first poetry festival, Saturday, July 30th-Sunday, July 31st. Check out the official festival website here.
What literary festivals have you attended?

Going Extinct: Copy Editing 
Virginia Heffernan discusses the affect of technology on the publishing industry. She says publishing houses don’t hire as many copy editors as they did in the past, which leads to typos sneaking into print.
Do typos in published work turn you off or do you find them endearing?
YouTube Time Machine 
Ever wonder what Leo Tolstoy or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would look or sound like on video? Booklicious Blog posted videos of six famous authors, including Mark Twain and Ian Fleming.
What author from the past would you like to hear speak?

FICTION Glimmer Train Literary Journal -Very Short Fiction Award; 3,000 words or less -First Place Prize: $1,200, publication in Glimmer Train Stories, a…

Creative Challenge: Lune Poem

Earlier this week, my sister visited from Pittsburgh. While I recovered from an eventful evening out with her and a few friends, I paged through Writer's Digest magazine. The article "Poetic Asides" challenged readers to experiment with the lune poem. A tercet (three-line) poem with a 5-3-5 syllable format. We collaborated on the following collection of lune poems to immortalize the craziest moments of the evening.

A Night Out with My Sister

Moonstruck guy stripped down,
stole kisses
while he felt the beat.

Crazy Broad
A scuffle lead to
a bottle
across the temple.

Drunkin' giggles cause
midnight fatty feast.

Give the lune poem a try, and share it in the comments below. 

Inspirational Blogfest: Wake Up Your Writing Genius

Today Summer Ross is hosting an inspirational blogfest. Check out the details and participating bloggers here.

Take a moment and respond to the following writing prompt to explore your creativity. Or learn more about your main character by letting them respond to the prompt. Enjoy!

Point to a word or a sentence in any text and write for 10 minutes about whatever you or your character associate to.

A Set Up or A Hook: Perfecting the First Sentence

First sentences carry an enormous amount of responsibility on their shoulders, and writers need to ensure they can bear the weight.
Make every word count.
Think of the first sentence as the “host” of the story. The reader sits down. Eager hands open up the book to the first page. The first sentence greets the reader, setting the tone and voice of the story they’re about to experience. The writer must convince the reader to step over the threshold into the story. Remember, readers want instant gratification. The minute the first sentence makes them wait for something interesting or thought provoking, they get bored.
A first sentence, and a good host, balances between an informative and alluring personality. 
The first sentence invites a reader in and offers information in order to anchor them in the story. It should grab the reader's attention by engaging their curiosity. A reader supplied with the right questions will continue to read in search for answers. 
Most first sentences fall u…

NCF Tuesday: Beverly Clearly at 95; Writing Contests; Daniel Radcliffe IS Harry Potter

Romance Novels Dangerous?
Alison Flood reports on author and psychologist Susan Quilliam’s statement about the affect romance novels have on her clients’ unrealistic view of love. Quilliam believes the women get wrapped up in the romantic fiction and struggle to distinguish between fantasy and reality.
Do you think a romance novel can really alter a reader’s perspective of love in the real world?

Chatting with Beverly Clearly
Rachel Brown interviews beloved author Beverly Clearly at age 95. Clearly talks about writing children’s literature, balancing her family life with her writing career and her two published memoirs.
If you could, which of your favorite author’s as a child would you like to interview? Bringing Poetry and Painting Together
Take a look at 11 slides of the art collaboration between poet Edward Mayes and painter Alberto Alfonso. The two men combined provocative first-line titled poems and rich colorful paintings. One of my favorites was the excerpt from “God and Offal, Li…

Dragging My Ass Out of the Mire

The blogosphere's collective thought waves can really help a girl out of a major rut. My writing is on the brain all the time. They just haven't made it to the page in a long time. Every time I sit down, my chest constricts and I panic. It's crap. Then I feel like crap. Once the self-deprecating thoughts suffocate my motivation, I question my goal to be a writer. Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah!

Note to self: Get your shit together.

So, I bring you a few blog posts that reinvigorated my motivation.
Around of Words in 80 Days
Becky Taylor talks about a writing challenge that helped her make small writing goals to get her writing every day.

Writing Daily
C. Hope Clark discusses writing daily as well. She suggests writing in a specific form every day (prompt, short story, novel, poetry, etc).

Here are a few blog posts I found insightful and interesting: 

"Forget Your Weaknesses; Attack Your Strengths" A Thrillerfest workshop with Mark Tavani Janet Reid recaps the main points in Ma…

NCF Tuesday: Shakespeare’s Gettin’ High; Writing Contests; The Scariest Story

Turning Tweets into a Novel
Asmaa Elkeurti reports on the three-day (July 15-17) collaborative novel writing project to take place during Iowa City’s (1 of 4 cities worldwide designated as a City of Literature by UNESCO) July Book Festival. The project will collect entries on Twitter from anyone with a Twitter account and put them together to create a novel. Greg Prickman, a codirector of the Book Festival, says, “It’s not meant to be a random stream of tweets, it is meant to be a novel in some sense.”
Do you think a Twitter-collaborative writing project will be successful?
Shakespeare Gettin’ High
Francis Thackeray, the director of the Institute for Human Evolution at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, is asking to examine Shakespeare’s remains to determine if the author’s genius was drug-induced. A discovery of “cannabis residue (along with cocaine) on clay pipe fragments found in Shakespeare's garden” sparked Thackeray’s interest in the bard’s extra-curricular ac…