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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Creative Challenge: Lune Poem

Earlier this week, my sister visited from Pittsburgh. While I recovered from an eventful evening out with her and a few friends, I paged through Writer's Digest magazine. The article "Poetic Asides" challenged readers to experiment with the lune poem. A tercet (three-line) poem with a 5-3-5 syllable format. We collaborated on the following collection of lune poems to immortalize the craziest moments of the evening.

A Night Out with My Sister

Moonstruck guy stripped down,
stole kisses
while he felt the beat.

Crazy Broad
A scuffle lead to
a bottle
across the temple.

Drunkin' giggles cause
midnight fatty feast.

Give the lune poem a try, and share it in the comments below. 


M Pax said...

Nice. You did a great job.

Josh Hoyt said...

These are interesting great job!

Madeleine said...

Great job. 1 & 2 my favs :O)

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