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Sunday, August 30, 2015

I Found What Where?: A Captivated Audience

I found myself reading the oddest thing the other day. Ok, maybe not odd considering I'm a bibliophile. I mean, if it has words, I'm taking a moment to read it. Even if it's directions on a shampoo bottle or the back of a cereal box.

So, I was sitting at the counter along the window at the Chipotle near my house shoveling a carnitas bowl into my mouth staring at my cup of Mr. Pibb. I first noticed this picture of a woman with wild hair flowing around her. I can relate, so my interest was peaked. I twisted the cup in my hand, following her hair to see where it ended. That's when I saw it. A two-minute story.

I was stoked. Not only did I get an easily digestible story, but it was written by a well-known author. I almost fell off my stool.

Apparently, it's an initiative called Cultivating Thought. A clever idea to make the thoughts and words of a unique and talented group of thought leaders, authors and comedians more accessible to a larger population of people. They share a two-minute story you can only find on the side of a take out bag or a paper cup filled with Mr. Pibb.

Head to your local Chipotle or check out the website here. Let me know which ones you liked best!

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