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15 Fictional Characters That Influenced Me


Among the writers in the blogosphere, I've yet to find someone who wasn't a voracious  reader.  I would bet most have been this way since they started reading.  So, I've put together a list of 15 characters I met through the years that found a permanent place in my memory and what I've learned from them.

Addie and Max (Addie Meets Max): They taught me preconceived notions lead to confusion and pain, and to be open and unafraid of new friendships.

Ottie (Ottie and the Star): He taught me people will always stand between you and your goals.  Find the strength to defeat the opposition and believe in your success.

Catundra (Serendipity Series): She taught me people who help us the most are the ones we least expect.

Charlotte Monster (Don't remember the title, my memory is failing): I learned most people are mean and judgmental, but if you embrace yourself, friends worth having will show up. 

Nancy Drew: She showed me the benefits of being nosey: Cognizance and keen observational skills help solve mysteries.

Babysitters Club: The whole group of girls taught me to make my own success, and children are more enjoyable when you can give them back to their parents. 

Sophie (BFG): When you open you eyes a world of magic and goodness reveals itself.

Henry Sugar (The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More): Our minds hold amazing power.   

Conrad (Ordinary People): He taught me everyone deals with emotional pain and depression.

Charlie (Flowers for Algernon): Taught me to understand the sadness and beauty surrounding mental disability.   

Jane Eyre: No matter how much pain and suffering you endure, if you hold on to your hopes and dreams, one day they will come true.

Hermione (Harry Potter Series): She showed me being smart and bossy are positive traits.

Scott Pilgrim: Taught me loves makes you do crazy things, like fight off your lovers many crazy exes.  He also showed me making mistakes in relationships is normal.  Being honest and open help you get past them.    

Donna (Cujo): Cheating can bring terrible consequences.

Jay Gatsby (The Great Gatsby): Taught me the desire for wealth and jealously will destroy you.   

Honorary Mentions (real people)

Alexander Supertramp/Christopher McCandless (Into the Wild): Idealism does not equal ignorance.  Be smart and base your decisions on all the facts before jumping headlong into an adventure. And above all, respect nature.

Cedric (The Hope Unseen):  He taught me everyone deserves a chance and good teachers help hopeful students escape terrible situations.  

What characters have influenced you over the years? 


Talei said…
Nice list! Nancy Drew I remember! I also read alot of Enid Blyton books as a kid so anything remotely related to the Famous Five Series is deep in the subconscious. Alice in Wonderland is another one I'm obsessed with. ;-)

Nice to meet you via the A to Z challenge!
Clarissa Draper said…
Mrs. Marple, Elizabeth Bennett and Margaret from Are you there God, it's me Margaret?
J.L. Campbell said…
Hmmm, can't think of many off the top of my head, but the most memorable fictional characters are from the works of Gerald Durrell and James Herriot.
Michael Offutt said…
Wonder Woman. She looked good in her underpants and deflected bullets with her bracers. 'nuff said.
Love Hermione, for the same reasons you mentioned.

Wish you did remember the book Charlotte Monster came from as that is a lesson I'd like my daughter to learn before she enters middle school.
magpiewrites said…
Great list, Laura and I share many of them, especially Jane Eyre. It's one of my absolute favorite books. I'd add:

Lucy Pevensie
Stephen Dedalus
Harriet Vane
baygirl32 said…
I wish I had met Hermoine earlier, kiddo absolutely loves her.

there are some great characters on here
Josh Hoyt said…
I think that Frodo has encouraged me to go on even when the odds are impossible. Gandolf has taught me that just because you are the biggest toughest guy out there it is important to look after the little guy. These are just two I'm sure there are more but this is what comes to my mind first.
Michael Di Gesu said…
I loved the reasons for your list of characters... well done.
Lisa said…
I love, love, love the Baby-Sitters Club! It's so awesome that you picked them. Who was your favorite? I'd have to go with Mary Anne I think :)
Erin Kane Spock said…
Anne Shirley, Sherlock Holmes, Mrs. Marple, Elizabeth Bennet, Beatrice (Much Ado), Jo March...
Great question.

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