E is for Erasure Poetry


April is National Poetry Month. So, I thought I'd give erasure poetry a try. I chose an article about dating and race in The Philadelphia Inquirer.  Reading through the article, I underlined words that caught my eye. Then, I created a poem and title from my found words. Unfortunately, it was easier to type the words than scan the article. Enjoy!

Talk About Dating

First contact
         Attitudes affect the messages
Cut off from the real world
         See the imbalance
Healthy partners
         Work together, no exclusions


Josh Hoyt said…
That is a cool way to come up with a poem and I like what you came up with. I still have never written a poem but the more I read the more I want to try.
Anna said…
Wow, that's cool. I had heard of erasure poetry (I think someone did it with Paradise Lost at some point) but haven't see it in the wild. I love it!
Michael Offutt said…
I've never heard of Erasure poetry. However, when I clicked on the picture you included, it didn't get bigger so I couldn't really inspect it very well.
Hi Laura .. that's very clever - I'd never heard of Erasure Poetry .. I rather enjoyed that .. good for you & thanks for telling us ..

Also good to see you over at my place! - Cheers Hilary
Karen Walker said…
How cool is this. Laura, I'm so impressed. And thanks for your visit to my blog and your lovely comment.
RaShelle said…
What a great way to come up with a poem. Awesome!
Sarah Grigsby said…
That is a neat way to do a poem. I really liked what you came up with. Great job!
Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I look forward to following along during this A-Z challenge.
Good luck,
Ann said…
How very clever. Thanks for dropping by my blog by the way. Nice to meet you.
magpiewrites said…
I'd never heard of erasure poetry either. it's intriguing, even more so, I think that, doing it on an actual piece of paper and physically erasing (or painting out, or using white out, whatever) gives you not only a poem, but a work of art. Cool!
going to try it!
Kris Kaumeyer said…
I had never heard of erasure poetry.

That works! For someone who has little interest in poetry, I really liked it.
anthony stemke said…
Enjoyed erasure poetry. Thanks for visiting gritsandgroceries.
alberta ross said…
Now that sounds like fun - def. going to try that thanks and thanks for dropping by my blog - isn't this challenge fun - meeting all kinds of folk.
Madeleine said…
Very profound poem. Interesting sentiments :O)
Alison Stevens said…
I love this! What a fabulous way to write a poem.
Erin Kane Spock said…
Very cool! I'm going to do this with my students.

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