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The Insecure Writer's Support Group: Who Knew?

My lack of knowledge astounds me every day. In the process of researching for a blog post, I came across the do's and don't's of dialogue. When a character trails off, you use the ellipsis (...) and when a character is cut off by another character, you use the dash (—). 
I’m not sure when I should have learned this bit of information. Did you know that?
Either way, I jumped on the emotional rollercoaster a writer and artist know well. The first thought that came in my head was “Doh!” My self-esteem took a plunge, making my stomach drop and the air to whoosh out of my lungs. How could I be such a doofus? Will people make fun of me?
Once the pity party ended, I realized that it’s ok not to know everything. The fact that the world still holds so much knowledge and information undiscovered by me blew my mind. What a wonderful feeling to know nothing. Look out world, here comes my knowledge hungry curiosity!
What have you learned recently that made you palm smack your forehead?