So, I have been over thinking my passion for writing. I have become very discouraged. Kevin was able to put it in perspective for me. He asked me if I wanted to write for myself or for recognition. I knew the answer, but was unable to be honest with him and myself. It was the latter. He told me that when he hoped for recognition for his artwork he stopped drawing. He told me that I have to do it for myself. That I shouldn't show it to anyone either. This way it remains special and I want to continue doing it. I completely agree with him.

I have also noticed the only writing I have been doing is this online blog/journal. I haven't actually experimented with anything creative, like poems, creative nonfiction, short fiction. I think it is about time I start trying out my Writer's Digest daily prompts. Just to force some more creation from myself. Yikes! I'm a bit anxious!


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