NCF Tuesday: Sex! Sex! Sex!, Last Day for Moose Prize, Literary Pick-Up Lines


Winding down from last night’s love high and wine buzz, I thought some positive literary news would keep you moving through the week, well, at least until Wednesday.  No bankrupt bookstores and E-reader sales today.

The Author Bio

Are you struggling to decide what to include in your author’s bio?  Edan Lepucki debates whether an author should stick with their academic and literary accomplishments or include life experiences in her article “MFA Grads and Former Acrobats: Approaches to the Author Bio”.  She includes several “out-of-the-box” author bios.

Including life experiences portrays a more human author as opposed to just presenting the two-dimensional list of education and publication credentials.  A sex worker generates more intrigue for me than a graduate from Columbia’s MFA program.  It gives aspiring authors encouragement and confidence to know they don’t need an expensive education to write something worth publishing.     

What would you include in your author bio?

Big Names at the BookExpo America

This year Julianne Moore acts as Master of Ceremonies for the conference held in New York City this May 23rd-26th.  Headliners for the Author’s Breakfast include Charlaine Harris, Jefferey Eugenides and Diane Keaton.

What conferences are you attending this year?

Sex! Sex! Sex!

Need I say more? has created an award for great sex in writing.  The winners are listed along with their excerpts from their novels.  Don’t be afraid to try these at home.  Enjoy!

Any novels, published before 2010, you feel belong on this list? 


Black Lawrence Press: The Big Moose Prize
-       Unpublished Novel
-       First Place Prize: Publication, $1,000 and 10 copies of your published novel
-       Deadline: February 15, 2011
-       Details here 

Glimmer Train Literary Journal
-       Short Story Award for New Writers
-       First Place Prize: $1,200
-       Deadline: February 28, 2011
-       Details here 

Narrative Magazine
-       Fiction and Nonfiction
-       First Place Prize: $3,250
-       Deadline: March 31, 2011
-       Details here 

Writer’s Digest Magazine
-       80th Annual Writing Competition
o   Fiction and Nonfiction
o   Grand Prize: $3,000
o   Deadline: May 2, 2011
o   Details here 
-       5-Minute Memoir, “Tales From the Writing Life”
o   Personal Essay (600 words or less)
o   Prize: Publication in Writer’s Digest magazine
o   Deadline: Rolling submissions
o   Details here 

American Poetry Talent Search Contest
-       Poetry (100 lines or less)
-       First Prize: $250
-       Deadline: March 31, 2011
-       Details here


Looking to meet a book lover?  Here are a few literary pick-up lines to give a try:

I’ll be a Jane around the house but a Bertha in bed.
Welcome to my apartment — or, as the ladies like to call it, The Joy Luck Club.
How about you and I re-write The Story of O together?
Will you be the Tropic of Cancer to my Delta of Venus?

Hey, baby, the sun is not the only thing that also rises.

Check out more here Pick-Up Lines 


Matthew Rush said…
Yeah, when it comes to a Bio I pretty much have no literary accomplishments or academic history, so I just go with being funny. Or trying to at least.
Anna said…
OMG-the best sex scenes article is totally a Salon Production (Freedom? Cmon) but I have to admit that I'm even more excited to read "The Perfect Reader." To tell you the truth, I haven't read a good sex scene since I was a teenager reading YA. Adult books just don't turn me on that much. They're usually so....stifled.

Hottest book I've ever read, hands down, is "Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure," by John Cleland, circa 1749. The grandaddy of all bodice rippers.
Laura Campbell said…
Matthew- I totally agree. The lack of literary accomplishments gets me down sometimes, but I'm pretty good at spinning what I already have to offer.

Anna- The most recent adult novels with decent sex scenes would be Erica Garcia's Anonymous Rex and Casual Rex. Granted they're dinosaurs dressed up in human polysuits, but the feeling and emotion comes across. I'm going to have to check out Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure. My "To Read" list continues to grow. I need to get on the ball here.
Michael Offutt said…
I'd like to find a good sci-fi or fantasy novel with well written gay sex scenes told in a positive light (I'm gay). I's okay to read hetero stuff but I'm so tired of it. Shelves and shelves of yet another female character that is a seamstress and the knight, king, barbarian that owns her and annoints her private parts blah blah blah. I'm so tired of that crap.

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