NCF Tuesday: A Poetry Retrospective, Contests, The Hardy Boys Tips on Writing Success

Hooray, protesters make a difference

In England, authorities are rethinking the funding cuts to libraries which caused closures after the Feb. 5 countrywide protests.  Talks with the impassioned public brought about reviews to find a way to keep the libraries open.  The public outcry and donations saved a few, while many libraries remain in jeopardy.

Has your local library seen any changes lately?

Movie adaptation set to divide audiences

The movie adaptation of Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged is due out April 15.  The news is already a buzz with conflicting perspectives.  Part 1 of the movie is expected to garner reviews split down the middle, mirroring the reviews of the novels debut in 1957.

Will you go see Atlas Shrugged: Part 1?

Looking back at poetry

February through April 2011, the National Book Foundation will examine the past 61 years of American Poetry through blog essays; a category the foundation eliminated for six years.  The program allows for a look at how poetry has evolved and where it might be heading in the future. 

Who are some of your favorite poets?   

Glimmer Train Literary Journal
-       Short Story Award for New Writers
-       First Place Prize: $1,200
-       Deadline: February 28, 2011
-       Details here 

Narrative Magazine
-       Fiction and Nonfiction
-       First Place Prize: $3,250
-       Deadline: March 31, 2011
-       Details here 

Writer’s Digest Magazine
-       80th Annual Writing Competition
o   Fiction and Nonfiction
o   Grand Prize: $3,000
o   Deadline: May 2, 2011
o   Details here 
-       5-Minute Memoir, “Tales From the Writing Life”
o   Personal Essay (600 words or less)
o   Prize: Publication in Writer’s Digest magazine
o   Deadline: Rolling submissions
o   Details here 

American Poetry Talent Search Contest
-       Poetry (100 lines or less)
-       First Prize: $250
-       Deadline: March 31, 2011
-       Details here 

A List of Upcoming Creative Writing Contests
-       Details here 


Stephen Langlois channels Franklin W. Dixon, author of The Hardy Boys series, with a few funny tips on how to sell your novel.  The article comes from the literary magazine dedicated to humor, Defenestation.

By Stephen Langlois


Matthew Rush said…
Wow. Lots of awesome contests here. Thanks Laura!
Laura Campbell said…
I only browsed the list of contest on Be A Better Writer website. I am really on the look out for a mystery writing contest. I found one on C. Hope Clark's blog, but it's only for U.K. residents. Boo!

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