What Are You Reading?

Happy President's Day.  

I'm taking a bit of a break today from blogging to get some reading done.  My focus on writing keeps me so busy I've slacked on my reading list.  

Last week I visited Restless Spirit, J. M. Leotti's fantasy writing and art blog, where she listed a few novels she planned to read in the upcoming weeks.  Red Riding Hood stood out.  The novel is based on the screen play for the movie set to come out March 11, directed by Catherine Hardwicke and staring Amanda Seyfried.  Well, I love Amanda and after reading the synopsis on Amazon I couldn't help myself.

So, I ignored my over crowded shelves, set out for Barnes and Noble and bought myself a copy.  At first it was difficult to get into the novel.  I couldn't get my mind off my own writing, but I pushed through.   It tells the tale of first love, death, arranged marriages and the big bad wolf.  The setting really draws you in to the seclusion of Valerie and her home. The village priest just called in Father Solomon to deal with the wolf problme. Hopefully I'll finish it today.  

As I snuggle back into bed, tell me what you're reading.  Not reading a novel?  Tell me what interesting newspapers, magazines, journals, blogs you are reading.          


Michael Offutt said…
I'm reading about this amazing writer living in PA that's reading a book on Red Riding Hood. See what I did there? Presently though I'm reading this book called "Men in Space" which is a short novel comprised of three novellas by three romance writers. It's science fiction/romance published by Samhain (with gay characters). I have to read a book with gay characters every once in a while because I honestly get tired of all the mainstream hetero fiction that's out there crowding all the shelves. I just hope that there's a day when science-fiction with gay characters will be on science-fiction shelves in the science-fiction section instead of the gay/lesbian section.
Perri said…
I'm reading "Little Bee" by Chris Cleave. Not sure how I feel about it yet: moments of amazing, inspired writing next to too-long metaphors, all rather heartbreaking. I expect I'll be uplifted in the end though. :)

As I teach myself to edit my mss, I find I am much a more critical reader.
Laura Campbell said…
Michael: Interesting book choice. Three different writers. I'm curious about the writing process. Did they work off each other or completely independently? I'm going to have to check it out.

Perri: I totally agree. I find myself a more critical reader with all the writing and learning I've been doing over the past several months. It's hard to turn off that switch sometimes.

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