Losing Touch


The tech-frenzied crowd has swept me up.  Everyone’s fighting to get closer to the latest shinny smart phone, e-reader and mobile computer.  The endless selection of applications available for the devices is crushing me, while I choke on the mass of information floating around the Internet. 

As I interact with people on social sites, I realize I do so from my home, not in a public place where we can share a laugh.  The sites give me the chance to keep in touch with old college friends, meet like-minded people and reach more people with my writing, but I’m afraid I’m losing touch with humanity.  I’m sure many of you would agree, there is more than a fair share of angry and miserable people spreading their hatred around out there, and now I have an excuse to avoid being exposed to it.

I don’t have to deal with bank tellers anymore with direct deposit and MAC machines.  I don’t have to push my way around warm, stuffy stores or listen to screaming children to shop.  Cyber schools provide an alternative for children who don’t want to leave the house to go to school.    

Next time you're in a restaurant, check out how many people are on their smart phones, rather than talking to the person sitting across the table from them.  New Year’s day my boyfriend, his father, and I played on our phones in the sitting room for half an hour, rarely uttering a word. 

Is that the kind of person I want to be?  As fun as the new toys are, what will be come of us in the next several years?  Sci-fi movies like Surrogates seem plausible, like a glimpse into our future.  I need a moment to step back, put my phone down, close my computer and stop avoiding people.  

How do you feel about the abundance of technology in our lives?  What does the future to hold for us?


anvil said…
I think about this topic a lot. For example, I'm sitting here now with my kids on the couch watching Monster's Inc. I'm not watching, I've seen this damn movie so many times that i can probably draw a cartoon cell from memory. I'm sort of watching my kids watching the movie. it's the best I can do on a day when I've had no time to myself.

But I'm aware of what I'm doing, I'm aware that it's not the best choice. Just like staying in touch with friends via email and facebook isn't the best way. But if it's between that and nothing, I choose to paraphrase one of my favorite jokes, the lesser of two weevils.

Sometimes, just being aware of the disconnection is enough to make you take the path of more resistance and connect.

PS> I love the new look!
Laura Campbell said…
I completely agree awareness keeps me from being completely consumed by technology. I search for more authentic experiences to avoid some horrible futuristic world where I am permanently plugged into the grid, but if using technology keeps me in touch with friends, I'll concede (kicking and screaming).

PS>Thanks! Trying to match the theme with my vision. Templates make it difficult.

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