Reaching the Summit: Tackling Writing Obstacles

Blue Ridge Mountains
One sure thing in this life, and this writing life, is you will face obstacles everyday. I'm about to reach the top of one mountain I've been climbing for two months. I'm at the point when muscles scream in pain and exhaustion slips into delirium, and it takes everything you have left to just lift your foot and take another step.

Tomorrow is my last day at one of my part-time jobs, which will end an almost two month stint of working 7 days a week. It didn't leave me much time to sit down in front of my computer and write. So, because I made the decision to commit to my writing, I pushed through and wrote when ever I could. Long hand became my method, instead of the white keys of my beloved purple laptop, and I pushed through to make some serious progress on a short story.

This challenge strengthened my resolve for the next challenge that lays ahead of me. It revealed, if I keep lifting my foot regardless of the pain, lack of sleep, and hopelessness, I can find the time to write, and that a little bit of writing everyday makes a big difference. The euphoria of accomplishment will make the walk down this mountain pleasurable. I'll have the time to restore my strength, so I can welcome the next obstacle.

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Susan Kane said…
As Dorie in "Finding Nemo" said, "Just keep swimming...." Sometimes that is about all we can do.

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