Childhood Monsters, Book Cover Reveal, and Book Giveaway!

I know. There's a lot going on today. Life is easier when the posts write themselves.

So, there's lots of promotional fun going on with E.J. Wesley, Christine Rains, and the Bucks County Writers Group, and I'm super excited to share it all with you.

First, E.J. Wesley over at The Open Vein is gearing up for his book cover real at the end of August and needs some writerly help getting the word out. Stop on over and sign up to help a fellow writer share the product of determination and hard work!

Call To Arms

Secondly, Christine Rains' paranormal romance novella, FEARLESS, released yesterday and she's holding a kick-ass blogfest. All you have to do is pull your childhood monster(s) out of the dark recesses of your mind and write about them on your blog. 

What Was Your Childhood Monster Blogfest

Here goes...

My childhood monster didn't take on a corporeal form like the satiny clown in Robbie's bedroom in Poltergeist or a hunched over sinewy creature with long boney fingers and glowing yellow cat eyes lurking underneath my bed. I never knew what it looked like, the it that caused me to leap onto the mattress from three feet away to avoid walking directly next to the bed with my ankles exposed where the bed skirt stopped or hiding my head under the covers with my eyes shut tight to ensure that what ever might be floating outside my second-story window couldn't see the color of my eyes. If it could see the color of my eyes, it could get me. It took the psychological route in order to strike fear in my child mind. I never knew what it was or where it hid. I could feel its presence, but it was clever and stayed just beyond my vision waiting to grab me and drag me into eternal darkness. I would stay awake for hours praying that it would find some other child to prey on.

That same it still haunts the dark spaces and unexplained noises in my apartment, but instead of pulling my comforter over my head, I search it out and try to find a logical explanation. I'm brave now. But those days when it would release the fear, letting it coarse through my body, making me act a fool and squeal in hopes of scaring it away are quite fresh in my memory. My heart beats just a bit faster remembering.

Lastly, I want to let everyone know that Bucks County Writers' Group will be posting book reviews this month of August and we're planning a book and swag giveaway to build readership for our blog. Stay tuned for guidelines and prizes! You won't be disappointed. 

Bucks County Writers' Group


E.J. Wesley said…
Oh man, thanks so much for the shout out Laura! Really, really appreciate it. Big fan of Christine's, and her blogfest is fracking awesome. :)
Lauren said…
No one has ever seen It, but It can only get you if you look in its eyes, and if you look in Its eyes you can also get It.

That's why It hides in the shadows--It's afraid you'll see It and It will cease to exist
S. L. Hennessy said…
I think it's almost MORE terrifying if IT doesn't have a definite shape or corporeal body. Terrifying!
Christine Rains said…
The mysterious it is one of the most frightening of monsters. Thank you for sharing your story with us and for helping promote my novella. :)
Guilie said…
Creepy, those nameless and faceless things that writhe in the corners of the mind, eh? Great story--thanks for sharing!
Oh yes, the things I couldn't see and didn't have a shape for were the most frightening! That's why they say that the monster reveal is never as scary as the buildup. Nothing can approach what you've created in your own mind.

My monster:

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