Halloween Drabble

Happy Halloween! 

Enjoy my Halloween-inspired drabble. Have a scary good time today!  


Drew hated his parents’ Halloween parties. He’d rather be skateboarding than manning the buffet table. Couldn’t they hide the decay of their marriage like everyone else, behind closed doors?

A witch busting the seams of her costume approached.

He gave the prepared greeting. “Welcome to the Unforsaken Feast! Ooooooooo!”

“Is that you, Andrew?”

He clinched his teeth. “Yes, Mrs. Baer.”

She grabbed two Deadly Chocolate Cakes. “So, whose ghost are you supposed to be?”

“The ghost of my childhood.”

“Haha! You slay me.”

He rolled his eyes. She continued to fill her plate.

Under his breath, “Who says that shit?”


Nicki Elson said…
Aw poor Drew. Seriously, who says that shit---since the 80s. ;)
Tara Tyler said…
great job! did you enter it in janet reid's contest a couple weeks ago?
it's retro funny =)

HaPpY HaLLoWeeN!
Susan Kane said…
Unexpected conclusion. I like it.
Tara Tyler said…
if you have a chance, stop by later to pick up an award =)
Margo Kelly said…
creapy picture!!! LOVE it. :)

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