Found: Worthwhile Writing-Specific Posts

Sunset sets sky on fire in Tullytown, PA

Tonight I plan to enjoy the after-rain fall sunset, laugh at myself, float in my Placebo kind of mood and write. I found a few writing-specific posts I wanted to share with you.

1. Improving Craft: Check out Jeff Gerke’s article on taking your DIALOGUE to the next level: publishable:

 2. Writing Reboot: Rachelle Gardner offers advice to writers looking to make writing goals:

3. Blogging: Michael Hyatt helps you cut down blog-writing time with an easy-to-follow list. 

4. Deciphering Rejection Letters: Nancy Martin guest post at The Blood-Red Pencil unravels the subtext in rejection letters from agents to help you improve your writing:

5. Dear Series Writers: Would you tackle a spin-off? Elizabeth Lynn Casey discusses the pros and cons of writing a spin-off.


You always have such great stuff to share. I love that. Thanks!
Donna said…
Thanks for the links. Great stuff.
Alison Miller said…
This is awesome! I'm bookmarking this and will definitely check these out!

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