Insecure Writers Support Group: Finding Inspiration

Some days a nice walk just isn't enough for me to work out my current WIP's plot problems or figure out where my characters need to go next or what to add to give the story more depth. On those days (which happens to be most days) I look to other writers. 

Whether it's The Sun magazine, a novel, or a comic book, I find reading someone else's words and studying their craft inspires me to write. I keep a little note pad near me to take notes or copy snippets so I won't forget. 

We should learn from one another, especially those of us who've reached the publication level. These authors found what works and I plan to get me a relatively cheap, but valuable education.

Recently, my boyfriend asked me to read one of his Batman comics. This way he can share what he likes to read with me, and gives us something to discuss when we've run out of things to talk about. Batman: Court of Owls has been an exciting read and it has really helped my writing .

I enjoy writing detective stories, mystery, and the macabre. This story arc not only packs it all in six issues, but it excites your visual senses with fantastic artwork. 

A quote from one of the characters really put the craft of mystery and detective stories into perspective for me:

"My point is, sometimes we become so concerned with little dangers that we don't see the big one, right beneath our feet." ~Lincoln Marsh

Misdirection. An important writing tool to keep readers engaged and provide suspense and  depth to a story. It's reassuring to know I don't have to go far to find help to defeat my writing challenges. 

Share an inspirational read or a snippet you've come across lately that has helped you and your writing. 


Tara Tyler said…
every time i read, i get that inkling to improve my book!

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