A New Milestone On My Journey

Hi! Can you see me? Yes, I'm still alive. 

After months riding in the backseat, I’ve finally let my blog sit in the front again.

Back in November, a copywriting job fell into my lap, turning my world upside down. I was immediately busy with training and sharing the holidays with my family.

Although I missed the online writing community, the distance really gave me the time to balance my life and writing. Things in the blogsphere are picking up for me, again. Tomorrow, Ali Cross is putting me in the Narly Ninja Spotlight over on her blog.  And next week, Laura Barnes will be critiquing my blog to see what I can do to improve and increase my readership.

So, now, I’m officially a professional writer. The weight and stress of agonizing over when I would see my goals become reality are now alleviated. I’m still adjusting to the demands of the production environment and the 3:45pm-12:15am schedule of the new job, but getting paid to write everyday rocks. 

I admit there were times during my year and a half on unemployment that really scared me. I didn’t think the career change from teaching to writing would ever happen, and I would be forced to get a job that would make me cranky everyday. 

Looking back now, I know I can deal with the frustration of waiting for my goals to come to fruition, when I know for a fact that every goal I’ve ever set for myself has come true. I’m finally slowing down the older I get and the more wisdom my experiences garner, and enjoying my life one day at a time.

And of course, I can’t sit still very long, and I’ve already decided on my next milestone: getting my fiction (i.e., novel or short story) published this year.  Buckle up folks; I can foresee this one is going to be a wild, Griswold-esque trip.

Let me hear what’s been going on in your life. Tell me what goals you’ve achieved recently. 


Elana Johnson said…
Good luck with your goals! I followed you over here from Ali's blog. :)
Nisa said…
I wish you the best on your goals and your new job, It sounds like it's going to be a wonderful year!
Ann said…
So glad things have worked out well on the job front. That is great! Wishing you every success with all your goals and good luck with the blog critique.
Love the tips you posted at Ali's site today. Good luck with getting your novel published!

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