Blog Critique By Laura Barnes

Blog in need of improvement? Check.

Today, Laura Barnes from Laura B. Writer is critiquing my blog. She's generously offering me advice on how to write and present a more effective blog, which should help the site gain a larger readership.

Enthusiasm? Check.

I'm excited and a bit nervous about the whole process. The only critiques I participate in are with my Bucks County Writers Group with a total of 3 members. Receiving feedback will never get easy, but I'm always grateful for every piece of advice. It helps me be a better writer and communicator. When I start to panic, I just keep reminding myself no one can reach greatness hiding under the bed.

Suit of armor? Check

Ready to slide under the bed.
So, head on over to Laura B. Writer and see what blogging wisdom Laura has given me. If you see something you like or think could use some tweaking on my blog, leave a message on her post. Every little bit helps.

Thank you Laura and bloggers for all your help and support!


Matthew MacNish said…
Great critique! Laura is so good at this.
Melissa Sugar said…
Awesome critique. I love Laura and her critique post are my favorite. One day I will be brave enough to ask for my own. (hopefully)
Amie Kaufman said…
Worth the bravery! Here's to using the feedback and heading on to bigger, better things!
magpiewrites said…
Brave lass! I've signed up for Laura's blog crit too, and I'm trying to spiff mine up before march rolls around. Good crit!

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