Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go. ~ E. L. Doctorow

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Drabble

Happy Halloween! 

Enjoy my Halloween-inspired drabble. Have a scary good time today!  


Drew hated his parents’ Halloween parties. He’d rather be skateboarding than manning the buffet table. Couldn’t they hide the decay of their marriage like everyone else, behind closed doors?

A witch busting the seams of her costume approached.

He gave the prepared greeting. “Welcome to the Unforsaken Feast! Ooooooooo!”

“Is that you, Andrew?”

He clinched his teeth. “Yes, Mrs. Baer.”

She grabbed two Deadly Chocolate Cakes. “So, whose ghost are you supposed to be?”

“The ghost of my childhood.”

“Haha! You slay me.”

He rolled his eyes. She continued to fill her plate.

Under his breath, “Who says that shit?”

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nomenclature: Help Name My Characters!

November 1, the start of NaNoWriMo, arrives in 11 days. The planning of my amateur sleuth mystery novel gains clarity and complexity with each new technique and strategy Susan Meier presents in her class

A photograph of the hardcopy of my ideas, notes and inspirational quotes are above. The rest of my scaffolding is sitting on my computer. 

There's just one problem...my characters are nameless. 

I need help to decide on the best moniker for them. So, I hand over to you, my readers, the privilege of naming my characters. Of course, I plan to fill my novel with many more characters. These three are the only ones developed enough at this point. 

Some quick background: I drew inspiration from two famous literary characters and a notorious historical figure. I've included important character traits as well as the meaning of each name to help in the process.  

Just write your choices for the three characters in the comments below. Thanks for you help!   

Female Don Quixote: Knight of Lost Causes, quixotic, passionate, impulsive, unpredictable, idealistic

Dakota- the allies
Dana-arbiter, power to decide a dispute; judge
Danielle-God is my judge
Daphne-Laurel, a recognition of achievement, honor

Female Sancho Panza:Rational, level headed, loving, protagonist's sister

Sade-sweetly singing
Sandra (Sandi)-defending men
Sasha-defending men
Shelby-a place where willows grow; sheltered
Sydney-wide meadow
Sierra-Mountain range
Skylar-guarded; scholar
Patricia- A patrician
Paula-small, humble
Penelope-weaver; duck
Philipa-lover of horses
Pippa-lover of horses
Prudence (Pru)-provident, frugal

Male Pancho Villa: Morally ambiguous, champion, protector, criminal, 


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gearing Up For NaNoWriMo!

The orange and red hues on the trees mark the beginning of my favorite season, fall. It also marks the prepping period for NaNoWriMo 2011. I’m excited to start my second NaNoWriMo challenge. Note cards with inspirational quotes and sheets of paper with story ideas and my research list cover every inch of my writing desk. The chaos focuses my attention on writing, instead of staring at the daydream-inducing empty spaces.

As November approaches, my blog schedule needs to slow down while I get into crazy writing mode. I will post once a week on Thursdays from now until December.

The new NaNoWriMo site is up. I’m heading over there soon to start inputting my mystery novel info. Stop by and add me to your buddy list, LauraMCampbell. I’m going to need a lot of support to win this year!

Now, I leave you with a poignant and funny article by Rebecca Makkai, “How To Find Your Story and Craft a Pitch in 10 Easy Steps (And You Can Even Do It Drunk!)".      

I would love to add you to my buddy list and hear what you’re planning to write this November. Leave your NaNoWriMo Username and your NaNo novel genre in the comments below.  

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Prose from the Prose #14: Billy Corgan


Music fills in the empty spaces inside me. One of my all-time favorite songwriters, Billy Corgan, always knows what to say. Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness grabbed hold of me so tight, I never returned the borrowed 2-Disc set to my friend back in 9th grade. It's still in my cd collection.

My adoration for Corgan goes beyond his music and lyrics to his poetry. My copy of Blinking with Fists went missing for about six months only to find it at the bottom of a pile of books on my nightstand. Scatterbrained am I. So, as a tribute to him I would like to share one of his poems from the collection on this warm, sunny Sunday.

on the maypole
billy corgan

around the maypole with childish eye
rushing thru autumn days
wrapping blankets around frames
wishing in the sky
no matter where you stand
you stand here with me
missing simple times
mixing blood with rose oil
we are leaving too soon
to make new friends
we shall not remember

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Insecure Writer's Support Group:Destination Write


Inspired by Syfy’s Destination Truth and host funny man Josh Gates, I plan to set out on a journey to write. Instead of searching for the truth behind myths and legends, I’m searching for places where my ideas will flow unhindered to the page.

Writing at home for the most part is successful and gratifying for me. But, some days my writing area just doesn’t cut it. I’ll spend the majority of the time devising strategies to get around writer’s block or coming up with new ways to outrun devious distractions, instead of writing. I’m exhausted. My self-confidence is depleted.

A wise writer once said, “You need to show up at the same time in the same place if you want your muse to find you.” What if the “same time, same place” isn’t a physical location, but a mental one?

Writers and many other artists get trapped in the interiors of their minds. They dodge booby traps set by fear and self-doubt. I believe this mental perpetrator can be outwitted by finding the right time and place in my mind to create. So, in an attempt to quell the overwhelming storm of inadequacy and failure, I devised a plan.

I put together a list of different places to write (i.e., park, library, Barnes & Noble, café, food court in mall, etc.) and wrote them on pieces of paper. Those pieces of paper went into a bag, which will be pulled at random during the week when writing at home turns into a chore and my inspiration screams for resuscitation.

Hopefully on this adventure, the random locations will nurture my creativity and help me avoid Internet distractions. Ultimately, strengthening my writing style, rhythm and imagination.  

Keep in mind, no two writers approach writing the same way. What works for me, won’t necessarily work for you. Each of us explores a self-made path to success. You’ll know what works for you when you can breathe deep and your ideas flow to the page.

What works best for your writing, a physical or mental place?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Soundtrack of My Hypothetical Life

Flake. One word description of yours truly. I'm currently caught in a tug-of-war between life and prepping for NaNoWriMo. The focus on my fiction writing tends to monopolize my time. The blog suffers.

In the meantime, check out the soundtrack my iTunes shuffle compiled. Alex @Magpie Writes inspired me to gain insight into my "musical proclivities." I found it quite interesting, even when a song at first glance didn't seem to fit the category. The randomness for the most part is dead on and often times hilarious.

Municipal Services Bldg., Center City Philadelphia

Soundtrack Of Life
30 September 2011
Opening Credits: F*** You-Lily Allen

Waking Up: Forest-System of a Down

First Day of School: Whatever’s Left-Snow Patrol

Falling in Love: Shitloads of Money-Liz Phair

Fight Song: One of These Things First-Nick Drake

Prom: Huffer-The Breeders

Life: Sanctified-Nine Inch Nails

Mental Breakdown: Camisado-Panic! At The Disco

Driving: Pressure-Paramore

Flashback: Roi (Reprise)-The Breeders

Getting Back Together: The Sweets-Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Wedding: The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage-Panic! At The Disco

Birth of Child: Son of Three-The Breeders

Final Battle: Into The Fire (Tiesto Mix)-NOA Assembly

Death Scene: 46 & 2-Tool

End Credits: How Does It Feel-Radford 

What are you waiting for? Go do it! 

What does your soundtrack say about you?
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