Poet's Corner: William Carlos Williams


I want to end the week with good energy, and a change in seasons would do just that for me.  Enjoy the giddiness this poem provokes with its promise of pink flowers and warm breezy days.    

By William Carlos Williams

If you had come away with me
into another state
we had been quiet together.
But there the sun coming up
out of the nothing beyond the lake was
too low in the sky,
there was too great a pushing
against him,
too much of sumac buds, pink
in the head
with the clear gum upon them,
too many opening hearts of lilac leaves,
too many, too many swollen
limp poplar tassels on the
bare branches!
It was too strong in the air.
I had no rest against that
The pounding of the hoofs on the
raw sods
stayed with me half through the night.
I awoke smiling but tired. 


Anna said…
I love the sentiment! Very beautiful-thanks for introducing me to yet another new poet!
Michael Offutt said…
I hate winter and love the poem. We definitely need a change of seasons.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful, thanks! Love the photo, too! :)
Amie Kaufman said…
Oh, thank you for sharing, beautiful! I grew up with my mother reading me poetry, which is so rare these days. I'll share this one with her.
Laura Campbell said…
I'm glad everyone enjoyed the poem. I am thinking of making Friday my day to post any kind of writing, albeit a poem, passage, novel synopsis, quote, etc., that I liked or inspired me.

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