Book Trailers
Where have you been my whole life?  

While I was teaching, the day before the Scholastic book fairs, my students would watch a DVD with the latest books available for purchase showcased through trailers. We both loved to watch these sneak peeks. 

Reading has been in my Top Five of Things To Do for as long as I can remember.  I could never put down the Scholastic book orders handed out in elementary school, memorizing it cover to cover. Then, rushing home to show my mom all the books I needed (at least a dozen). The day the box with Scholastic written in red on it entered the classroom and was placed on the table in the back of the room I was so excited I couldn't remain in my seat. My eyes kept darting to the back, imagining how that book would look and feel like in my hands. I was sure my choices would make me the coolest girl in class.   

How did I decide which books to spend my parents’ hard earned money? Blurbs in the book order catalogue. So, where the heck were the book trailers?   

Unfortunately, I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s, a time with little technology compared to today. I feel cheated. Book trailers provide an exciting and visual synopsis.  It paints the pictures, usually created in your mind, to create hype, hoping you will run out and purchase the book. The same tactic the movie industry employs to coax you to movie theaters to check out the latest blockbuster.   

More and more I see authors publicizing their novels through book trailers. Jessica Bell’s debut novelThe String Bridge due out November 2011—is creating buzz with her book trailer. She wrote, sang and played guitar for the song that creates the haunting quality of the visual experience and the story. Check out her trailer here

Like free books? She is also holding a book giveaway for anyone willing to get the word out about her novel.  Check it out here.

Would you use the book trailer to publicize the release of your book? 


Anna said…
I used to LOVE those tissue-paper thin advertisements. I remember they always had a pack-thing in the back that would include pencils, t-shirts, you name it related to your favorite book series. I still have my Goosebumps pen.
Matthew MacNish said…
Book trailers can be so cool. Jessica's is one of the best!
Jen Daiker said…
A lot of bestsellers are really set up on book trailers and I'm finding that more self published novelists are pushing it as well. They work!! Some I've adore, others have fallen short... all are effective!

I'm stopping in to welcome you to the A to Z blogging challenge!!! I'm one of the co-hosts and I'm still amazed at how much we're growing! We apprreciate your participation! We were just featured on the radio in NJ! That being said I do hope you'll stop by and say hi on my blog! Also be sure to join us on twitter for the month of April (I'm @jenunedited and we can be found using #atozchallenge)!
Michael Offutt said…
Youtube is a great medium to reach a new audience.
magpiewrites said…
Absolutely I'd want to do a book trailer for my book. I like Jessica's very much, it just shows how creative they can be. Of course, some book trailer's are not very creative at all, just a voice over with some stock photography and the blurb from the back of the book - but it can be so much more. Someone like Jessica, who is multi-talented can showcase all their talents in a book trailer. The first book trailer I ever saw was the one for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. It was hilarious and hokey in a good way - and in a metafiction way referenced not only the book but all the austen movies and zombie movies and about six layers of pop culture at once. brilliant

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