The Final Stretch of NaNoWriMo

Word count: 37, 198

The Winner’s Circle. The adoring fans delight in the triumphant victory as they surround the winner. Cheers and confetti rain down, while the champion embraces their loved ones, accept gifts and gracefully bows to the acclaim. The glory to win NaNoWriMo, unfortunately, was not mine this year.

Obstacles of work, holidays, a stomach virus, and exhaustion proved far more difficult than I anticipated. My typing and imagination stalled at 37,000 words and I bowed my head in defeat as the clock ticked closer and closer to 11:59 pm.

An admirable attempt I think. I pushed myself to write a novel and I’m almost finished. First chapter tie down many writers for weeks, while I am riding the wave of the rising action about to clumsily type the climax and conclusion. In one month, I have come so far as a writer and now hold an almost complete first draft in my hands, soon to be revised.

The pride I feel is comparable to the winners. What I learned about my strength and writing capabilities and what this insane challenge holds in store for its participants only makes victory possible next year.

I would like to take this moment (I prepared an acceptance speech) to thank everyone who supported me through this confounding experience, urged me to continue writing when I wanted to give up, sat with me in Borders furiously typing, and dispensed sage advice. Knowing how many people stood behind me brings tears of happiness. As my token of appreciation, my first novel will be dedicated to you. Thank you.


anvil said…
I'm thinking you rather kicked ass anyway. I always thought that NaNo should award 'almost-wins' to everyone who tried their damnedest, like you. I tried for YEARS, never winning until this year and you know, while I'm proud of it, I don't think it made that much difference. It's the participating that lifted me out of myself and put the focus where I wish it always was - on my writing life. So again, YAY LAURA! You did awesome.

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