NaNoWriMo-Day 4

Current word count: 3,269-5,924

I started my day off getting my internship work and web design class completed. Now, I have all day to NaNo write. I feel more rested today, and I have more motivation.

I am not working at the moment (won’t last for long), which allows me more time to get my creative flow moving. The other day I went into to my seasonal job, Williams Sonoma, and filled out my rehire paperwork. I missed the warm holiday smells of mulling spices and pumpkin and talking with some of my favorite co-workers. Some of the characters and murder location of my NaNo novel are based on employees and the store itself. Although I might lose time to write, going back might prove helpful for development of details and scenes in my story, and I might earn another NaNo badge if I secretly write at work.

So far this challenge has taught me novel writing is extremely hard. After spending two hours of typing, huge waves of exhaustion crash on top of me. Then, the days I can't muster the energy to write I'm beat down by guilt. Feelings of failure overwhelm me and the doubt sets in. My word count doesn't move, but I'm hoping it can be made up on the days I do write.

Another source of frustration is the devilish word counter nonchalantly hanging out at the bottom of my word document window. It has thwarted my attempts to hide it on the computer, so I put an index card containing a character sketch in front of it. I am no longer tempted to glance down at my insufficient progress, and I have details about the character currently in the scene I'm writing. Two birds, one stone.

One more frustration. Ideas for the next scene pop up or my inner editor tries to get out of the box its been banished to while I’m trying to finish a chapter/scene. I tell myself to keep writing, even if things don’t fit, are misplaced or just plan suck. JUST WRITE!!!!


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