NaNoWriMo-Day 3

I’m really tired today. Writing is very exhausting. Luckily, many of the attractions updates I worked on today for my internship were not in the database. It afforded me more time to get other things done, write more, and see my boyfriend.

All my grand plans were thwarted when UPS delivered my greenhouse. I was going to wait to put it together, but my mom offered her assistance. It took us about an hour and there is still one pole that is not completely in its place. It was a bitch to get together, and the frustration made us edgy. Several times either one of us would have killed someone if they stepped too close.

My exhaustion rose to a new level. Because I couldn’t find the energy to write, I put my outline and character sketches on index cards. That’s where I left the day, but it a total waste it was not.

My boyfriend, Kevin, came over and imparted a few words of wisdom. He told me to write about my fatigue, even if it didn’t have anything to do with my scene. He said I could only then really understand what fatigue felt like. He also told me to write in information that I skipped in a previous chapter, perhaps a character reflecting on earlier scenes. Then I could go back during revision phase and move things around.

Throughout the challenge I can earn badges for different accomplishments. I believe if I were to write information into places it doesn’t fit, but is pertinent to the novel would count as an attempt to pad words. I think I would buy the badges if I earn several more through the month. All the badges:

NaNo Socializing

Word-Count Padding


Caffeine Abuse

Secret Noveling

Creative Nonfiction

Rally Day

the Eureka Moment

Random Ending


Hopefully, tomorrow will bring more energy to write.


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