Like Wings Abandoned from Some Future Score

Today, I want to share Born Magazine with you. The blurb from their website below does better than I ever could to explain their initiative. 

Born is an all-volunteer project that brings together writers, artists, and others from diverse fields to create storytelling artworks. Our name reflects the creative process nurtured by collaboration and the bringing together of traditional and new forms of art and literature, diverse media, and emerging technologies. As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Born is dedicated to the emergence and continuing evolution of art forms that bring together different creative genres.

So, take a moment out of your busy Saturday to feast your eyes and ears on the smash-up of Paul Gibbons's poem and Dyon-Rivest's film titled Like Wings Abandoned from Some Future Score. 

Born Magazine


Trisha said…
Oooh, very cool magazine! Thanks for the info :)
Michael Offutt said…
I'd never heard of this magazine.
Misha said…
Sigh... I couldn't open it. :-( Still the idea sounds amazing.

Meagan Spooner said…
Bah, my computer refuses to install the plugin required. It sounds really cool, though, and what a great idea!

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